Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sanibel Island Part 2

While at the beach, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a relaxing day and then a night out at a nice restaurant. We ate really early and just enjoyed our meal and sat and talked.  It was a great way to spend an anniversary!  We are so blessed to have each other and our beautiful boys and I never want to take it for granted. 

Did I mention that we rented a convertible?  We popped the top down and just rode around the island, looked at houses and all the beautiful scenery! No room for car seats back there, huh?!

We loved walking around and digging for all the beautiful shells.  When you really look very closely, you can see all the tiny, intricate details.  The whole time at the beach I just kept thinking about the beauty of God's creation....the tiny shells, the hypnotic crash of the waves, the salt, the clouds and sunset.  I love being reminded that HE made it all!

One place that we went back to from last year was The Island Cow.  It usually has a pretty long wait and this night was no different.  It's a fun, loud, great place to eat!


Our very last night we took the advice of some nice folks that we met that have been coming to Sanibel for 30 years and we went to a restaurant called The Timbers.  It was THE best restaurant that we have eaten at!  If you go to Sanibel, make sure you eat there.  I was sad that we ate there for our last night because I wanted to come back again the next night!

And, pretty much the most epic sign at a random antique store on the island....  Interesting?!

Goodbye, Sanibel!  It was a fantastic week to relax, reconnect and enjoy celebrating our wedding anniversary.  I have no idea if we'll come back again one day or try new and different places another year?  Either way, it was a very beautiful, quiet, and relaxing place to vacation!



Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Alone Beach Vacation to Sanibel Island!

So, way back in August, we lined up family to take our kids for a whole week and we went on a solo vacation to Sanibel Island for our 7th anniversary!  We've only left the kids one other time and I pretty much hate it, buuuuut I do realize our marriage is way more important than being sad to leave our kids for one week out of the year.  We went to Sanibel for the first time last year with the kids but this year it just worked out for us to go by ourselves.  I have to admit, I was kind of excited!  I had a whole stack of library books and I was determined to get good and tan and read some books that weren't "Goodnight Moon"!

This year we flew straight into Fort Myers instead of Orlando.  This was so much easier since the drive to Sanibel is pretty short from Fort Myers.

We are kid free in Florida by ourselves!!

I love the drive over the giant bridge into Sanibel.  This sunset greeted us as we drove onto the island!

We were greeted by a fantastically beautiful day when we awoke the next morning.  We had grabbed groceries in Fort Myers, so we just had breakfast in our room.  I love the long boardwalks with thick vegetation that lead to the beach on Sanibel.  Did I mention I love the island?!

Just beautiful!

Since this was our second year on the island, we felt like we knew a little more about where to go and where to eat.  This night out we ate at The Green Flash on Captiva and it was pretty yummy!

We knew from last year that you definitely have to drive to the tip of Captiva to watch a beautiful sunset!  It didn't disappoint this year.  It's just absolutely beautiful!  I loved watching it. 

If you didn't know, the islands are covered in bike paths and people are just out everywhere on their bikes.  We had bikes that came with our room, so we took advantage of it and biked to breakfast!  We stopped at a little store and grabbed a few breakfast to-go items and then biked to the lighthouse.  

We literally wanted to keep pinching ourselves because we had no kids in tow!  It's like we didn't know what to do with ourselves without hauling kids around or taking care of their every need.  It was fun biking around, just the 2 of us!

I cannot even tell you how hot it was in August after we stayed at the beach for just a little bit.  I thought we were melting!

We always come back home with THE most amazing shells!  We both grew up going to Gulf Shores or Panama City, so finding the beach just totally covered in shells was a new experience for us.  It's very different than the beautiful white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, but it's neat and interesting in its own way.

Aren't the shells amazing?!  More to come.....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family and More Family

There are even more July pictures left to post!  I'm very slowly getting everything blogged and pushing my way through our summer pictures!

Toward the end of our big trip my cousin drove over from Mississippi for a visit and we persuaded her to come down to our house for a day so I could meet her new baby girl and so the boys could play with their cousin!

Here is sweet Millie, the world's sweetest and most calm baby!  Noah was pretty interested in her, so that's a good sign, right?!  Do I look natural holding a baby girl?!

We sat around and had a huge family lunch together.  My aunts came down and brought food, desserts and mom cooked as well.  I made some homemade ice cream and it just made for a perfect family gathering!  We really enjoy getting to spend time with family because we just don't get to do it too often.

It's fun to have an uncle to play swords with you!

All of the second cousins!  I love this picture of my 3 boys and her 2 girls!

We were fortunate to have my grandparents come up to visit.  The boys are so fortunate to have great-grandparents they can visit and play with.  We don't get to see our family often enough!

Jordan and I got in a date night to a fun sushi place with some old high school friends who are married and live in Boston now!  We realize we are getting so, so old!

All good things must come to an end and our long trip back home needed to come to an end..  We were ready to get back to our beds, our schedules, and VBS was awaiting us when we got back home!

On the road again!  3 boys, 1 white dog in my lap, massive amounts of diapers, drinks, and toys, and 12 hours ahead of us on the road.  Let's hit the road!

The drive back home is always beautiful!

We took a day to rest and recover then jumped right into VBS at our church.  John Michael loved VBS last year and he just loved it again this year.  I usually work in crafts and I enjoy seeing the kids all week.  It's always a fun and tiring week.

All in all, it was a great trip but we were definitely ready to get back home!

July in Alabama

 I'm still catching up from all of our summer activities....

Whenever we go back home to Alabama the boys always want to go to the Imagination Place.  It's  a fun little kid place with a little grocery store, bank, and a few other things to play with.  It doesn't hurt that my favorite home cookin' restaurant is right next door to it!  We usually go there to eat lunch after the boys play!

They had a fun display set up all about turtles and outdoor things.  Here, Judd and I are taking on the roll of fisherman and game warden!

More swimming...

an indoor bouncy place was fun as well on hot July days...

Matthew and I went on a date night to see Monster's University.  We did some shopping and I let him pick out an awesome t-shirt with a sports car on it.  He was in heaven!  I love to have some quiet time with my little guy.

We also took a trip to the Birmingham Zoo.  We had a great time and I was really impressed at nice everything was.  We rode the train, fed the ducks, sweated a ton, saw a butterfly garden, walked through a barn, and then went on a walk with dinosaurs in the woods!

Before we went on our dinosaur walk we stopped off at the soapy splash pad!

I'd say everyone had a great day at the zoo!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweet Summertime Fun!

When you're at your grandparent's house for part of the summer, you do a LOT of swimming...

and you play with hats at Meme's kitchen table....

and you have TONS of room to run and play in their backyard!

And you also pick tons of plums from Papa's tree and wash them and play with them for hours!

Summer is sweet!